Interpreting Equipment

Depending on your venue, your interpreters may require specialized equipment. Large conferences and meetings may call for digital simultaneous-interpreting equipment, wireless headsets, microphones, and related devices. Smaller groups and mobile tours can utilize portable, cost-effective equipment.

Language Connections can supply you with interpreting equipment and related technical support. We offer interpreter booths for large conferences and portable “whisper” devices for smaller or off-site functions. Our experts will work with you to identify what you need in terms of device, configuration, and technical support for your event.

Portable and Stationary Interpreting Equipment

Depending on the format of your event and your needs, Language Connections offers interpreting equipment of two types – portable and stationary.

Portable Interpreting Equipment Includes:

  • Portable Transmitters (body packs) with microphones

    with stationary transmitters/microphones/headphones

  • Receivers with headsets

Portable equipment is highly suitable for facility and school campus tours. It is important to be mindful that this type of equipment has a limited range of coverage and can be disruptive for the participants in the nearest vicinity of the interpreters.

Portable interpreting equipment is very convenient when moving around is required


Stationary Interpreting Equipment Includes:

  • Booth

    with stationary transmitters/microphones/headphones

  • Receivers with headsets

  • Public Address System (PAS)

    (basic setup requires microphones, a sound mixer and the speakers)

  • Microphones

    (wireless or wired, tabletop or handheld)

Therefore, events that demand minimal interference will benefit from stationary equipment setup. It provides complete sound isolation which means that the interpreters can focus better and are not visible to the participants.

Stationary Interpreting Equipment is a perfect solution for the high profile event


Professional Interpreters and Technicians for Conferences and Conventions

To have successful multicultural, multilingual communications for your conferences and conventions, it is critical that you not only have skilled, experienced, qualified interpreters, but also the appropriate combination of audio equipment and on-site technical support.
Our experienced technicians will oversee the setup and remain on site during your event to ensure fluent communication.