Professional interpreting is a critical component in ensuring the success of your multilingual conferences, executive education programs, training sessions, court cases, medical appointments, and other high-stakes meetings. Communication across languages must be accurate and clear so that participants and speakers can exchange information productively. Our clients rely on our interpreting services because we go the extra mile to ensure that you will be working with qualified, professional interpreters. With over 20 years of experience organizing interpreting services, Language Connections understands the nuances involved in interpreter selection and event production. Our interpreting services will ensure the success of your event, and enhance the value for everyone involved.


Simultaneous Interpreting- primarily for conferences, education and training, and meetings; Simultaneous interpreters are able to provide an uninterrupted flow of speech while working with a partner and portable interpreting equipment.

Consecutive Interpreting – suitable for small face-to-face meetings, medical and legal appointments, and guided tours.

The speaker has to pause at regular intervals, waiting for the interpreter to convey the speaker’s preceding phrase into the target foreign language.

Scribe Services – multilingual academic programs, medical and legal appointments (in addition to interpreting services).

The task of a scribe is to translate written parts of a program or conference into the target language by mirroring the board work on a separate blackboard.

Interpreting Equipment – equipment and related technical support is beneficial in most settings. Please speak with your project manager about the best technical solution for your program, if equipment is needed. We offer interpreting booths for large conferences and portable “tour guide” devices for smaller events.


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